Its easy to see – an outdoor TV cabinet is a must have!


A 65″ Apollo Desert Series Enclosure installed on Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

These are photos of installations of Apollo Desert Series TV enclosures in Dubai. Note how bright they are during daylight as well as in the evening. These photos have NOT been photo shopped or brightened.

The Apollo weatherproof TV cabinet will protect your TV outdoors.
It is designed to address the challenges of Middle East climates.

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A TV installed in an Apollo Desert Series outdoor TV cabinet is a cost-effective option to buying an outdoor TV. You are not restricted to outdoor TV smaller sizes or having to replace the whole unit when it stops working.

Enjoy a long-term investment allowing TVs to be changed out as technology changes.

Big, Bigger, Biggest

The Apollo weatherproof TV cabinets come in six sizes. They can protect TV sizes from 39″ to 43″, 50″ to 55″, 60″ to 65″, 70″ to 75″, 80″ to 86″ and even 90″ to 98″!

You can install the smartest, brightest TV and have all the special features outdoors – as well as indoors.

Cool, Cool, Cool!

The Apollo Desert Series outdoor TV cabinet has a temperature-controlled, filtered air-flow system that protects your TV up to 50°C.

Cross-flow fans in the front cover and multiple fans in the rear panel expel the heat produced by your TV.

Look! No Hinges!

No external hinges ensure the enclosed TV – just looks like a TV! You don’t have to open and hinge the front panel to watch TV.

The anti-glare, tempered glass with IR film applied makes outdoor viewing a pleasure!


Known as the green metal, aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly metals because of its sustainability. 

As the most recyclable industrial material, aluminium can be recycled infinitely to produce the same product.

Ethical Manufacture

Manufactured in Los Angeles U.S.A. Factory workers are protected by government labour laws and combined with ethical management, this ensures no one is exploited in the making of these Apollo cabinets.

You can have confidence in the quality of this U.S.A product.

Create your dream outdoor living area with an Apollo weatherproof TV cabinet. It will protect your TV outdoors from the weather, dust and insects for year round entertainment and enjoyment.

An Apollo Desert Series TV enclosure protects a TV exposed to the weather from potential electrical hazards and failure.

The Apollo Desert Series cabinet range protects screens outdoors, for bars, hotels and more.

The Apollo Elite Series range protects screens indoors. These can be for retail, industrial and commercial premises to display products, health and safety messaging, or production KPIs.


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When purchasing an Apollo Desert Series TV Cabinet, you can have peace of mind that you are protected by the UAE New Consumer Protection Law, Federal Law No. 15 of 2020

UAE New Consumer Protection Law